Our programs are centered around the areas of community-engaged learning, democratic engagement, leadership education, preK-12 student success and place-based initiatives.

  1. Community-Engaged Courses

    Community-Engaged Courses

    Volunteer with community-based organizations as part of a course.

  2. College Access Internships

    College Access Internships

    Intern at a local middle or high school supporting student post-secondary planning; support facilitation of Dream Project lectures; and support peers during visits to local high schools.

  3. Dream Project Mentor

    Dream Project Mentor

    Visit a local high school weekly to support students in post-secondary planning. 

  4. CELE Fellowships

    CELE Fellowships

    Funding for students committed to making public service part of their academic experience.

Student Voices

Student Voices

Othello is not defined by any one single person — it is a collective. Othello is about UW and the partnership; a partnership that has led to this space that will give so much more opportunities. And that is why I am in awe; I cannot wait for the stories that will be shared here, the colors that will gleam through the window, the sounds that will bang the walls. excerpts from a spoken word performance at the opening of Othello-UW Commons in January 2019

—Samia Ali

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Leadership in a Time of Disillusionment

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