Next Gen Civic Leader Corps

The NextGen Civic Leader Corps is designed to connect students with an interest in public service--with one another, with community leaders, and with opportunities to create change in our communities!

Why get involved

Through coursework, experiential learning, and professional network building, the program allows students to recogize and deepen their commitment to community engagement and public service. We offer guided advising, programming, and financil support to diverse undergraduate students who are socially engaged and community-rooted. The program offers a semi-structured pathway that combines academic coursework, peer networking, and career exploration in government, non-profit, and social venture organizations.

What to Expect

  • Connections with other students that are interested in community-engagement, public service, and social change.
  • Encouragement to take a course in Public Policy (PUB POL) and/or Leadership (LEAD) to compliment your major coursework.
  • The opportunity to build your network of peer and community leaders with similar interests.
  • Exclusive access and/or group attendance at skill development workshops, public lectures, and community events.
  • Connections to professional networks through public service internships and career mentorship programs.

More program details and how to get involved