CELE K-12 Tutor and Mentor

A UW service-learning course focused on postsecondary planning and academic tutoring in K-12 schools

What We Do: 

Through CELE EDUC courses and professional development, we facilitate undergraduate learning around concepts of educational equity and social justice as they relate to the U.S. public K-12 education system. Formerly under a collaboration between Dream Project and Riverways Education Partnerships, CELE EDUC Courses continues to provide opportunities for UW students to mentor, tutor and support K-12 students across Washington state while addressing inequities in public education. 

Overview of Program:

Students will explore the world of public education by participating in weekly seminars that focus on current topics, issues, and debates, in public classrooms and schools while concurrently tutoring or mentoring in a public K-12 school/community organization. We aim to develop and refine our understanding of whose knowledge counts in school and how we can push back on deficit narratives that we encounter in the classroom and in our lives. These courses are designed to provide a space where we can collectively reflect on our tutoring or mentoring experiences, emerging knowledge of teaching practices, and the relationships we are building with students and teachers.  

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Want to partner with us? Reach out to our Program Manager of Curriculum and Student Services or email us at celecenter@uw.edu. 

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