Alternate Tutor/Mentor Hours

CELE has a series of Online Resource Modules that students can complete in place of tutoring/mentorship hours when, due to circumstances outside of their control, they have not been able to tutor/mentor enough hours to meet the required credit threshold.  These modules are meant to be a backup or secondary option and not a replacement of live tutoring/mentorship. 

When taking these modules, tutors/mentors are expected to put in valuable thought to each response in order to get approved for alternate tutor/mentor hours.  

If you have questions about whether you're eligible to take these modules for replacement hours, please email your course instructor or  

Professional Development Events and Workshops

Students can also sometimes attend CELE Professional Development events and Workshops to make up hours. Please connect with your course instructor if this is an option that you'd like to pursue. 

Online Tutor/Mentor Modules 

Each module counts for 2 hours. We encourage students to only use these modules at the end of the quarter if you do not have the time to complete your tutor/mentor hours.