Ellis Civic Fellowship

The Robert Lee Ellis Civic Fellowship selects during their first year at the University on the basis of financial need, dedication towards service, personal growth, and leadership development. Selected students make a 4-year commitment toward fulfilling Fellowship expectations. Ellis Fellows are awarded annual scholarships throughout their four years at the UW.

Due to staffing limitations, we are not running a selection process for the Ellis Fellowship in 2023-2024. We will open the application for both incoming students and second-year/sophomore students during the late summer or early fall of 2024.

Application requirements and recommendations


  1. Incoming student at the UW Seattle campus. This means you must be in your first year as a full-time student at the UW with an anticipated graduation date in in 2027 (or beyond). In the fall of 2024, we'll extend the opportunity to apply for second year students (with a graduation date of 2026 or beyond).

  2. Documented financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office. Most students fill this requirement by filing a FAFSA or WAFSA for the current academic year. We also accept applications from those who are not eligible to file for federal or state financial aid but can document financial need.

  3. Committed to weaving public service and civic leadership development into your Husky Experience--including an effort to connect academic pursuits with community-engaged learning.


Successful fellows have been able to share the following interests. 

  • A clear commitment to service as shown through past experiences.

  • An interest in a particular social issue.

  • Ideas about future goals and what you hope to gain as an Ellis Fellow.