Student Portfolios

Through the Husky Leadership Certificate program, students identify, articulate and demonstrate their leadership growth and accomplishments during their undergraduate education. Below is a selection of portfolios created by students in the program that show the breadth and depth of their leadership experiences.

Danielle Dictado Matusalem

Major: Biology (Physiology) with a minor in Diversity

Brandon San

Major: Biology with minors in Chemistry, Neuroscience and Health Studies

Calista Moore

Major: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Andrey Butenko

Major: Informatics

Siri Bhatt

Major: Public health-Global health and Psychology

Vivian Wiese

Major: Political Economy

Ryan King

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Katie Bonnofsky

Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Anh Nguyen

Major: Human Resource Management with minors in Education and Diversity

Marium Raza

Major: Biochemistry and Comparative history of ideas

Andre Soravassi do Carmo

Major: Economics