EDUC Course Information

Welcome to CELE Center's EDUC seminar offerings! EDUC courses include EDUC 260 and EDUC 401 seminars.

All of these courses provide UW students with the opportunity to engage with local K-12 students in schools. In the classroom, students enrolled in CELE EDUC courses will learn about issues pertaining to educational equity and the U.S. Public Education system. The service-learning/practicum component of the courses involve weekly visits to local partner schools to work directly with students either tutoring or mentoring (on post-secondary planning). Both components of the courses will allow students to engage in critical thinking and reflection on current issues in education.

How to Register

First-time mentors and tutors register for: 

  • EDUC 260 (Issues in K-12 Educational Equity)
  • EDUC 401 (either the tutor or mentor section)

Returning mentors and tutors register for:

  • EDUC 401 (either the tutor or mentor section)

The EDUC 401 courses are variable credit. This means that the number of credits a student receives is flexible and depends on the total number of hours a student will devote to the course including: tutoring/mentoring hours, seminar attendance, and assignments. 

  • EDUC 401A students (mentors) can choose to register for 1-3 credits, beyond 3 credits requires course instructor approval.
  • EDUC 401B students (tutors) can choose to register for 1-6 credits, but should plan to have available the appropriate amount of hours in their schedule to tutor  based on the number of credits they have chosen to register for.
  • EDUC 401 A&B meet bi-weekly, are graded Credit/No Credit, and offer I&S credits 

Credit and tutoring/mentoring requirements are as follows:

Weekly and Quarterly Tutoring/Mentoring Hours Breakdown by Credit


Recommended average weekly tutoring hours (starting week 3)

Estimated total hours spent tutoring over the course of the quarter*



















*Based on a 10-week quarter. Range accounts for factors outside of our control that can impact service hours (weather, school breaks etc.)

A student may opt to register for 1 or 2 credits if it means avoiding an additional registration fee. If a student would like to register for more than 6 credits, they should email with the request.

Click here for detailed credit information 

Current EDUC 401 Students: Need to change the number of credits for your seminar? CELE Center staff can help you do this for free. Please email before Friday of Week 7. 

Alternate Tutor/Mentor Hours