Riverways Rural & Tribal Programs

Riverways Education Partnerships recruits UW students to participate in a variety of programs that partner with rural and tribal K-12 schools across Washington State as a means of transforming the learning and inspiring the growth of both groups of students, while addressing inequities in public education. 

There are four unique programs which require a spring break service opportunity in addition to coursework during the academic year. 

Why get involved

  • Do something meaningful during your Spring Break by providing mentorship and education at K-12 schools around Washington state.
  • Learn from rural and tribal communities, team-teach, and grow.
  • Cultivate self-esteem and academic engagement among K-12 students, as well as expanding their sense of possibility for life after high school. 
  • Learn more about K-12 education around the state, and spark K-12 students’ interest in higher education through sharing their own experiences.

What to expect

  • All lodging, food, and transportation costs are covered by UW Riverways Education Partnerships.
  • Depending on the program, you may be required to take a course. 


Support middle and high schoolers to recognize themselves as scientists and leaders through an immersive experience in the Yakama Nation. Dive into the topics of education and empowerment while exploring the relationship between water science and ecosystems.

STEM ASB and CASE are similar programs, CASE will also spend spring quarter working with K-12 students. 

  • Academic requirements: winter and spring seminar (spring seminar only for CASE)
  • Service requirements: MLK Day and spring break
  • Apply by November

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Through this program, Native UW undergraduates mentor Neah Bay fifth graders, encouraging them to envision their futures. The fifth graders learn about pathways to higher education, and explore career paths where they can live, lead and thrive in Neah Bay after graduation. This year-long mentorship program was created collaboratively to address a need identified by the Neah Bay community.

  • Academic requirements: autumn, winter, and spring seminar
  • Service requirements: year long mentorship, week prior to autumn quarter and spring break
  • Apply now

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Empower elementary school students in rural and tribal areas of Washington by helping them write and publish their own stories in a book.

  • Preparation requirements: 2 Literacy Arts ASB Training sessions in March 2024
  • Service requirements: 2024 Spring Break 
  • Apply by January 19 @ 11:59 p.m. 

Link to 2024 LASB application

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Mentor and guide K-12 students in tribal communities and support partnerships between the UW and community colleges. 

  • Academic requirements: no additional coursework required
  • Service requirements: Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters
  • Apply Now
  • This is a paid position

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