College Access Internships

Intern at a local middle or high school supporting student postsecondary planning; support facilitation of Dream Project lectures; and support peers during visits to local high schools.

College and Career Readiness Assistant (CCRA) Internship

College and Career Readiness Assistant (CCRA) interns will support and deepen the work of the current Dream Project mentorship model and support partner school College and Career Counselors in targeting and supporting high school and middle school students with multiple college readiness indicators.

  • Gain direct service experience working with youth in the public education system
  • Support traditionally underserved students in navigating barriers to post-secondary education opportunities
  • Learn about some of the realities, complexities and challenges that students, families, school staff and administrators face in their day-to-day work and environments
  • Gain experience coordinating large events, hosting and facilitating workshops, and compiling and analyzing data

This is an academic year-long paid internship ($390 semi-monthly stipend payments). Interns must meet the following components:

  • Be current UW undergraduate students during the academic school year
  • Participate in professional developments on campus 4 Wednesday evenings a quarter 
  • Be culturally responsive, respectful of diverse backgrounds, have experience working with low-income, first-generation status students, and students of color 
  • Maintain a schedule that allows for serving 10-12 hours per week at a school placement site
  • Willing to adhere to school placement site policies while serving

See job description and apply

High School Lead Internship

Dream Project’s High School Lead (HSL) interns actively immerse themselves in community and learning while facilitating mentorship between peer undergraduate mentors and high school students.

  • Hands-on opportunities in education to engage in community-based learning
  • Hone communication, facilitation, and teamwork skills through leading peers in mentoring in local public high schools
  • Supports local under-resourced high schools and eliminate financial barriers
  • Apply classroom knowledge to real-world settings and develop a racial equity lens
  • Learn about the public school systems and gain experience working directly with school staff and administration

This is a 3-quarter paid internship ($900 per quarter) that takes place spring, autumn, and winter quarters (off during summer quarter).

  • Engage and facilitate in intentional reflection on community, intent, impact, and identity through attending Dream Project lectures each academic quarter of the internship
  • Attend weekly cohort meetings focused on professional development
  • Contribute to impactful education access work by collaborating with Dream Project partner schools serving local communities
  • Support the program through various efforts related to recruitment, retention, and events

See job description and apply